GYROTONIC® Training mit Gloria Litwin

In a nutshell, Gyrotonic is the perfect symbiosis of fitness, therapy and prevention; a gentle but effective way of training suitable for all ages and abilities. Elements from dance, Tai chi, swimming, and gymnastics are performed on a unique Pulley Tower system whereby the body is simultaneously stretched and strengthened with minimal effort. Unlike usual fitness machines, the Pulley Tower supports and assists the body through flowing, circular, undulating movements, enabling complete freedom of movement, whereby mobility and stability of the spine is central. Breathing patterns aid the flow and rhythm of the movements.

The result is increased body-awareness, co-ordination, balance, flexibility, strength – and – enjoyment!

Gyrotonic was conceived by Juliu Horvath, a Rumanian dancer, who became injured while working and living in New York. Looking for a way to recover, he conceived a method of training in the eighties now known as Gyrokinesis®. To aid the implementation of this method, he created machines which would support, but not restrict these movements. At first mainly used by dancers, the benefits soon became recognized by therapists and sportsmen alike as a means not only for injury recovery but also prevention. Now, because of its versatility, Gyrotonic is also regarded as a great way of generally keeping fit for those who are looking for an alternative to the usual fitness training.